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This symptom has been reported in various contexts, most of which I've already searched yet found no clear answer. Here is my context.

In full view index.html.erb:

<div id="add_thingy" style="display:none;">
<%= form_tag (
    :action => 'create',
    :remote => true,
    :update => "thingy_list",
    :position => :bottom,
    :html => {:id => 'thingy_form'}
) do %>
ipv4_address: <%= text_field "thingy", "ipv4_address" %>
<%= submit_tag 'Add' %>
<% end %>

In partial view _index.html.erb:

<%= link_to thingy.ipv4_address, "http://"+thingy.ipv4_address+"/index.html", :target => '_blank' %>
<%= link_to 'page1', "http://"+thingy.ipv4_address+"/page1.html", :target => '_blank' %>
<%= link_to 'page2', "http://"+thingy.ipv4_address+"/index.html", :target => '_blank' %>
<%= link_to 'Edit', {:action => "edit", :id => thingy.id} %>
<%= link_to 'Delete', {:action => "delete", :id => thingy.id},
:confirm => "Delete thingy at @thingy.ipv4_address?", :method => :delete %>

In thingy_controller.rb (other things I've tried are shown commented out):

class ThingyController < ApplicationController
  layout 'standard'
  def index
  def create
    @thingy = Thingy.new(params[:thingy])
    if @thingy.save
#     redirect_to :action => 'index'
#     $(“#index”).rhtml(“<%= escape_javascript render( @thingy ) %>”);
#     render :partial => 'index', :object => @thingy_list
#     render :partial => 'index'
      render :partial => 'index', :object => @thingy

All other aspects of my implementation test clean, including the first commented line above. It's when I try any of the subsequent 4 lines that I get the indicated errors.

I'll use the first commented line for now, though it defeats the main purpose of using Ajax.

Speculation abounds on this question, so I'm looking for information on how it has been fixed in a similar context rather than suggestions on how it might be fixed.

On behalf of myself and the community, thanks for your help!

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What file and line causes the NPE? Do you get the same results when running on another Ruby implementation? – Koraktor Jan 14 '12 at 0:40
How is thingy getting set in that partial? Doesn't seem like there's anything that does that (:object => @thingy will control the value of the local variable index) – Frederick Cheung Jan 14 '12 at 0:50
Koraktor: The file / line that triggers the error is "thingy_controller.rb" / "render :partial => 'index', :object => @thingy" (or any of the 3 commented lines above it). I haven't tried other implementations, though based on your suggestion I could try it in regular RoR as a variation on my jRuby/Rails servlet implementation. Thanks for the input! – Dave Sieving Jan 18 '12 at 2:36
Frederick: I think you may have hit upon the root of the problem. I just got through working out the subtleties of client/server parameter passing and will apply what I learned there to my next attempt at partial rendering. Thanks for the input! – Dave Sieving Jan 18 '12 at 2:40

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