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i'm developing a form. So when user click on submit button, i check if all uitextfield are filled:

    BOOL flag = YES;
        cognome.backgroundColor=[UIColor redColor];
        cognome.text=@"CAMPO OBBLIGATORIO"; 
    }else if(indirizzo.text.length==0){
        indirizzo.backgroundColor=[UIColor redColor];
        indirizzo.text=@"CAMPO OBBLIGATORIO"; 
    }else if(citta.text.length==0){
        citta.backgroundColor=[UIColor redColor];
        citta.text=@"CAMPO OBBLIGATORIO"; 

Now, if user click on one of the uitextfield with background red and string "CAMPO OBBLIGATORIO", i want to clear text and set back color to white. i try using uitextfielddelegate and implementing textFieldShouldBeginEditing checking this:

- (BOOL)textFieldShouldBeginEditing:(UITextField *)textField{
    if([textField.text isEqualToString:@"CAMPO OBBLIGATORIO"]){
        textField.backgroundColor=[UIColor whiteColor];

Nothing happens..

so i try adding an ibaction and in xib adding it to every uitextfield but nothing happens :( What can i do?

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Does this code get executed at all? –  Paul.s Jan 14 '12 at 1:13

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I just mocked up a test using your logic and it should work just fine. My guess is that you have not assigned the UITextField delegate. In Interface Builder you need to ctrl+click on your UITextField and drag out to the object you want to act as delegate.

I would probably consider changing how you check if you need to clear the UITextField. Checking against a user interface string (@"CAMPO OBBLIGATORIO") will likely break if you i18nize your app later.

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it works!!!! i didn't set delegate to textfield ;) –  JackTurky Jan 14 '12 at 8:58

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