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I have the following basic code:

proc test {} { 
    set my_var2 3
    foreach iter {1 2 3} {
        set my_var1 4
        set my_var2 5
        puts "Inside: $my_var1 $my_var2\n"  
    puts "outside $my_var1, $my_var2\n"    ;#WHY IT DOES NOT GIVE ERROR HERE!
test  ;#calling the function

The output of the program is this:

Inside: 4 5

Inside: 4 5

Inside: 4 5

outside 4, 5

Now my confusion is since my_var1 is define only in the local scope of foreach loop why its value is available even outside the loop? In other words what determines the scope of a variable in Tcl? Thanks a lot for the help!

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curly brackets are more like quotes in TCL, they don't intrinsically have anything to do with scope. –  jk. Jan 16 '12 at 11:25

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From the Tcl Manual:

Tcl evaluates variables within a scope delineated by procs, namespaces [...], and at the topmost level, the global scope.

So the foreach loop does not create a new scope and all your variables are scoped by the proc.

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Oh...got it thanks a lot Ergwun! –  Richeek Jan 14 '12 at 7:50

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