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I need some advice on HTML5 video/audio player that:

  • Free for commercial use (open source better)
  • Runs on major browsers + most mobile devices Falls back to Flash
  • Very easy to work with & jQuery API
  • Most features we enjoy on Flash also available on it
  • (Optional) has good integration with Advertisement framework
  • Our site caters video using CDN

Ready to make one time donation if needed :)

This play will play user uploaded videos like any public video sharing site.

I did spend some time on this on Google. But it is confusing and there are many players.

If you have some valuable suggestions, please let me know so I can concentrate on 2/3 players.


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I have recently used HTML5Media with a good deal of success. It uses HTML5 <video> by default and fails over to flash fairly seamlessly. I have had less success with the VideoJS library which just went through a major revision in January 2012. It's documentation has not yet caught up to it. Once it does, I would expect it to be worth your attention as well.

The HTML5Media project site is here: and they use the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license which allows you to use it for any purpose but you must leave an attribution to the original author somewhere.

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Thanks for sharing! – kheya Jan 14 '12 at 1:29

You might want to look into

Fabuloos Media Framework is a radically faster, cleaner and simpler approach for creating top quality video players based on open standards. Fabuloos can play any video, audio, or even YouTube stream on all the popular desktop browsers, tablets and mobile devices.

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the links you provide are broken. – xlembouras Jan 26 '14 at 20:30

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