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What are the change in the iOS API for Core Data between iOS 4.3 and iOS 5.0? Where can I find them?

I am having trouble finding anything on Apple's site that can show me the changes between iOS versions.

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Look at the "What's new in iOS 5 page" and search for Core Data. Not much is new. You'll need a registered developer account for access to that page, I believe.

And here is a list of specific API differences, though it's all of them so you would have to look for the Core Data change that you are interest in.

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An excellent roundup of changes in CoreData is this blog post: http://oleb.net/blog/2011/08/whats-new-for-developers-in-lion-part-3/

It not only sums up, but explains the new CoreData stuff in Lion, that was almost all included in iOS5 a few months later.

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