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My model is indexed with Thinking Sphinx and I am wanting to filter search results by the model's tags—provided by acts_as_taggable_on. I read this previous question, which enabled my searches to use :conditions => { :tags => 'Comedy' } as a filtering query.

This is not a catch-all solution, since by default all text is searched in Sphinx's indexed fields. For example, when I search :conditions => { :tags => "Comedy" }, results with the tag Black Comedy also appear. I see that using attributes instead of fields is a solution, but I cannot seem to get valid results when searching :with => { :tags => "Comedy" } and my define_index block looks like this:

   indexes title, :sortable => true
   has category_tags(:name), :as => :tags

Note that I am building upon the previous answer provided in the question linked above. The answerer details indexing tags within context—thus the reason for the category_tags method.

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Change your index to:

  indexes title, :sortable => true
  has "CRC32(", :as => :tags, :type => integer

Note: refers to your_table_name.column_name

And search the tag after converting to int: :with => {:tags =>'Comedy'.to_crc32}

See common questions for more:

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