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Hi I want to Redirect Facebook login page's other links apart from login button how I can redirect to the login page.if user click any of the other links if link is valid then it will redirect to the login page otherwise it will cancel.

or else if any workaround to remove this all other links I mean I read the Facebook JavaScript but I dont know how to use into the wpf it will be great help to guid me thank you..

Dear all my question is now changed to some decision so now I want to hadle only Sing up for Facebook how I can hadle because this link does not fire client side any event or redirect from client side so how I can subscribe to handle it or else is there any way to handle this link

I am using facebook aouth dialog login.. and my login url is like this... client_id=269771113079389&redirect_uri=,user_status,read_stream,publish_stream&response_type=token

and I have indicate the other links with red arrow into the image.

Facebook Login page

Thak you..!!

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I think the redirect_uri is not set correctly. Shouldn't that redirect uri point back to your application rather than to facebook/connect? – DMCS Jan 14 '12 at 5:10
Dear @DMCS my redirect url is correct and my problem is now chnaged due to some reason now how I can handle Sing up for Facebook because the sing up for facebook is no redirect or there is no event in our hands so how I can handle. this.? – Jitendra Jadav Jan 16 '12 at 8:19

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