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when i need to use select form i see the first value is empty..but i dont need this empty value option ..how to do this..thanks

    $options = array('M' => 'Male', 'F' => 'Female');
    echo $this->Form->select('gender', $options)

Will output:

<select name="data[User][gender]" id="UserGender">
<option value=""></option>
<option value="M">Male</option>
<option value="F">Female</option>
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answer $options = array('M' => 'Male', 'F' => 'Female',array('empty'=>false)); –  user1080247 Jan 14 '12 at 8:41
I haven't tested your code in CakePHP 1.3.x, but in the most recent version (CakePHP 2.0), doing that just adds a 3rd option that's empty. (and it doesn't look like it should work in any version since you're setting one of the select <option>s to an array. –  Dave Jan 14 '12 at 17:52

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In Cake 2.x, you can just add the 'empty'=>false like this (tested and works):

$options = array('M' => 'Male', 'F' => 'Female');
echo $this->Form->select('gender', $options, array('empty'=>false));

In CakePHP 1.3.x (per this page in the book) you might have to add an additional null like this:

$options = array('M' => 'Male', 'F' => 'Female');
echo $this->Form->select('gender', $options, null, array('empty'=>false));
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