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The function addslashes() only prepends bashslashes to the single quotes, double quotes, backslashes and the NULL byte.

Is there a function that returns a string with backslashes before any Bash special character?

For example

$escaped = foo ('Led Zeppelin Discography (Complete)/[1969] Led Zeppelin I');

echo $escaped; would print the following:

Led\ Zeppelin\ Discography\ \(Complete\)/\[1969\]\ Led\ Zeppelin\ I

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It's really called addslashes(), not addbackslashes(). Hmm. –  Keith Thompson Jan 14 '12 at 11:48

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escapeshellcmd() escapes any characters in a string that might be used to trick a shell command into executing arbitrary commands.

string escapeshellcmd ( string $command )

Also, take a look at escapeshellarg()

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