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In SQLite is there any other way to write this statement:

SELECT tape_id,title 
FROM tapes 
WHERE tape_id NOT IN (SELECT tape_id 
                      FROM tapeGenres)

and improve performances?

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Another option might be to use NOT EXISTS but the biggest performance improvement would be gained by using appropriate indexes.

If not already present, you might try adding

  • an index on tapeGenres.tape_id
  • a covering index on tapes (tape_id, title)

SQL Statement

SELECT tapes.tape_id, tapes.title
FROM   tapes t
WHERE  NOT EXISTS (SELECT tape_id FROM tapeGenres WHERE tape_id = t.tape_id)
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Consider using a LEFT JOIN

SELECT tapes.tape_id, tapes.title
FROM tapes
LEFT JOIN tapeGenres ON tapes.tape_id = tapeGenres.tape_id;
WHERE tapeGenres.tape_id IS NULL
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