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I want to develop an android application which retrieving data from the Waze Live Map (to supply some input - like from where to where and get the time it would take to drive that route regard to the traffic jams and all other staff..) On Waze website i only found instructions to build the same application but not to use it with API.

Is there an API to android so I could do my thing?

thanks, Bush

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just sent email to the waze company, waiting for an answer.. –  Bush Jan 22 '12 at 8:48

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After contacting with Waze company by mails I have the answer: No. They didn't released API for their app and so we cannot build app relying on it...

well, we'll wait for google navigator :)

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Waze using New edition of google map v2

this question describe more about it

3D maps library for android

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there is a unofficial api for this:

free: https://www.mashape.com/bestapi/free-waze-route-calculation

freemium: https://www.mashape.com/bestapi/waze-calculate-route-duration

seems to be working good

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So am I allowed to use this unofficial API commercially? Waze doesn't restrict this? –  Doronz Jun 24 at 18:12
waze.com/robots.txt allows this, regarding if waze will restrict this after you use this in a large scale .. its up to them –  Nimrod007 Jun 24 at 18:41

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