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strange things going on with in my CakePHP: I use Caching vor my Views in the normal way, and got the following problems (with 1.3.7, also with 1.3.14):

The cached view in /tmp/cache/views, e.g. lets assume an *articles_view.php* contain base64 encoded stuff with thousands of line of characters, and if I write thousands, I mean it:

$controller->viewVars = $this->viewVars = unserialize(base64_decode('YTo0OntzOjEwOiJ….*imagine thousands of characters here*…mxlZ2VyIjt9'));

I used echo base64_decode to see whats in it, and its just the whole site content base64 encoded again – for what so ever?!

This problem leads to en dramatic increase of my cached file sizes, so the .php files in /tmp/cache/views get up:

  • also small sites with about 1 normal page of text get about 400 KB
  • many pages have about 2 MB of file size
  • some with more content get up to 16 MB! Which leads to a script error, of course which server wants to decode 16 MB base64 encoded stuff…

So all over caching leads to enormous traffic for me and pages with like 16 MB size of course can not be loaded by the server … so without caching me site is much faster than with…

Someone has any ideas what this base64 stuff is about? Appreciate any help!

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You may already know more about this than me but looks like this relates specifically to use of the CacheHelper (have a look at __writeFile() definition in cake/libs/view/helpers/cache.php). So when your action is called and the cache is empty it serializes the current viewVars property. I would start by deleting the cache and debugging what viewVars actually contains - does everything look normal here? –  contrebis Jan 14 '12 at 20:59
@contrebis: for some (only a few) actions it "works" and $controller->viewVars = $this->viewVars simply cointains an array with all the data the action uses (so the data which is submitted with $this->set) ... In the strange files with this unserialize(base64_decode('...')) stuff, this array is simply base64 encoded and serialized... so when I echo this, I simply get all of the data in arrays. But why the hell is in base64 encoded?! And by the way, what to I use Cake Cache for, if it puts the whole data in arrays again - no sense?! –  Bob Jan 25 '12 at 7:27
Did you ever get to the bottom of this? Im having the exact same issue –  cowls Oct 24 '12 at 6:55
I had a similar problem with base64 encoded image data, but only found a workaround. You can read about it here: wp.me/p7WUe-5Y –  mystic Feb 2 '13 at 18:38

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