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I would like to know what alternatives are out there before making a decision on which to use, thanks. Possibly one that supports both Android and iOS.

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If you want to develop in C#, the MonoGame (an open source port of XNA) framework works with MonoTouch (iOS) and MonoDroid (Android). As a bonus, it works on XBOX and has recently been made to work with Google Chrome's native client.

If you want to develop in C or C++ you can use SDL, which has been made to work on both iOS and Android.

libgdx is a Java Android game development library for which there is active effort currently underway to get it running on iOS using the Avian VM.

cocos2d is an iOS game development library for which there's aport for Android, though cocos2d is an Objective-C API and cocos2d-android is a Java API, so you can't share code between them directly.

There are undoubtedly others if you want to dig deeper or have a higher tolerance for experimental code.

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