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I have the following entities Alert and Location in Grails. But I cant seem to add the location to the alert_location table. The error is missing method exception. Pls help.

class Alerts { 

    static hasMany = [locations:Locations,users:Users]
    Date alertDateTime
    String pest
    String crop

    static constraints = {
        alertDateTime (blank:false)
        pest (blank:false)
        crop (blank:false)

class Locations {

  static hasMany = [ farms:Farms, reports:Reports, reportMessages:ReportMessages]

    String locationName
    String locationXY

    static constraints = {

        locationName (blank:false)
        locationXY (blank:false, unique:true)

In my code,

    Locations loc = new Locations();
    loc.locationName = 'a'
    loc.locationXY = 'aa'
    Alerts a = new Alerts()
    Date d = new Date()
    a.alertDateTime =d
    a.crop ="o"
    a.pest ="c"
    println loc.locationName
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Try a.addToLocations(loc) instead because you are using a.save(). Otherwise do loc.save()

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