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When I add mouse event breakpoint, devtools always jump into extension's js. Is there any way to point to my mouse event code directly?

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I think a clarification could help here. What do you mean by "to point to my mouse event code directly"? –  ronme Jan 14 '12 at 18:58
@ronme suppose I'm debugging some page's js,listening all the mousedown event, devtools will show the mousedown handler registered in the extension's js code. Is there any way to show the mousedown handler in the page's js directly? –  barcahead Jan 15 '12 at 6:34
in the debugger, you should be able to choose which js file you're looking at. Once you choose the page's js file, you should be able to set a breakpoint there. Does that not work? –  ronme Jan 15 '12 at 11:45

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I think the simplest way is to open an incognito window (Ctrl-Shift-N) and debug in there, because then there will be no extensions loaded (by default).
I know what you mean by this question, when debugging, and doing something simple like pausing execution, you always find it breaks into one of the extensions codes instead of the current webpage's code.

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First off you should probably review the tutorial on how to debug chrome extensions here:


When in doubt, you can always use the debugger keyword directly in the JavaScript code where you want to launch the debugger from, like so:

element.addEventListener("mouseover", function() {
    // some JS handler code...

Depending on if your JS is in a popup, background page, or in a content script, you will need make sure you launch the dev tools from the right place.

For a popup, you need to right click on the extension icon and "Inspect Popup" and then from the JavaScript console you would need to run location.reload(true)

For a background page, you need to go to the extensions settings page, chrome://settings/extensions, turn on developer mode, expand the extension in question and click the background page link.

The content script should be visible directly from the page it is loaded onto.

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