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Trying to set up my first FB app, I tried using different PHP example codes, but for some reason when I try to access the app, I always get a Java window saying For security reasons, framing is not allowed. I have SSL on my server, and another FB app on my server that's not using FB SDK is working fine. Anyone has any ideas?

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You will get that same error on StackOverflow if you try to open it in a frame as well. This is due to security concerns as it is the first step towards clickjacking a site. See this Coding Horror blog post for a full explanation.

TL;DR; Don't frame external sites...including FB which is in a different space than your server.

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Thanks a lot, however I get the same message if I try to access the app directly (not through FB). –  Dikla Altman-Moncaz Jan 14 '12 at 13:07

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