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I like to write a plugin for Eclipse, which allows to work with archive files as with normal file directories. For instance, if there is a zip file inside a project, the user should be able to view the contents of the zip file just by opening the zip folder. The user should be able e.g., to read text files in that archive.

I already created an EFS wrapper arround a particular archive format. Also, I created a new content-type for this archive format. I have a navigatorContent which is triggered on the content-type. In the content provider, currently I provide objects of type IFileStore. AFAIK there isn't any nice label provider shipped with eclipse for this types so I have to implement it on my own (there is one which is declared as private). However, this seems to be rather huge code duplication effort. What I therefore like to do is not to return IFileStore but IFile or IFolder instead so that the normal project explorer content provider can do its job. Is it possible at all to do something like this? If so, how can this practical be achieved?

Thanks for your help!

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Implementing ILabelProvider is not a huge effort at all, especially when compared to IFile or IFolder. If you extend BaseLabelprobivider you only need to implement 2 methods: getText() and getImage().

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