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I'm reading Rails 3 in Action by Bigg and Katz and its my first time with RSpec, Cucumber and Capybara.

The RSpec team boldly "took the training wheels off" So I'm stuck following along concepts in the book since RSpect doesn't provide any starter steps like paths.rb or web_steps.rb anymore.

My Question is how do I make a path, as in a spec that puts capybara on a desired page.

In the book, its told to put the following in paths.rb (provided by RSpec)

when /the project page for "([^\"]*)"/
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In the article you cite, Aslak points out that he released cucumber_rails_training_wheels to solve exactly this problem for people in precisely your situation. I'd recommend you use that library as you go through Rails 3 in Action, or use an older version of Cucumber that still supports it.

Also, just an FYI, RSpec and Cucumber haven't been the same project for over two years at this point. web_steps.rb is related to Cucumber, and has nothing to do with RSpec.

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Thanks for that! I'm reading your RSpec book as well~ This could be another question, but If I want to implement a step that puts the user on some path then what is the way to do that without using training wheels. –  Anthony Jan 14 '12 at 17:04
Take a look at how web_steps.rb and paths.rb work. If you're still unsure, I'd recommend you join the groups.google.com/group/cukes group and get a discussion going there. –  David Chelimsky Jan 14 '12 at 17:26

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