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As it is stated on the FT Jam page at freetype.org:

Jam is a small open-source build tool that can be used as a replacement for Make. Even though Jam is a lot simpler to use than Make, it is far more powerful and easy to master. It already works on a large variety of platforms (Unix, Windows, OS/2, VMS, MacOS, BeOS, etc.), it is trivial to port, and its design is sufficiently clear to allow any average programmer to extend it with advanced features at will.

Are there any ways to substitute make for jam to make autoconf-based projects in MinGW / MSYS to build faster?

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No. Autoconf relies on a Unix shell and associated utilities. It might be hacked to generate jam files, but the configure step is autotools. If you just have a plain makefile, you might as well just use mingw32-make and ditch autotools completely if possible.

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