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at the Subsonic website, there is an example of how to create RESTHandlers for Subsonic (http://subsonicproject.com/docs/JSON_Handler). I cannot find the referenced namespaces and classes in Subsonic3. Have they been removed ? And if not, how do I create the RESTHandlers in Subsonic3?

thanks Thomas

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I believe this is only relevant to SubSonic 2.2 and wasn't included in 3.0

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It would be pretty easy to take the code from the SubSonic.WebUtility namespace in 2.2 and use it - it uses very little of SubSonic, and could be adapted to work with SubSonic 3.0. However, using such a thing on any site in production is pretty much a terrible idea. –  qes Jan 15 '12 at 0:31

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