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I trying to make method to alter table.

  1. I've build data.db
  2. Created new group (looks like folder) and named it Documents
  3. Moved my data.db into Documents

4 Created method:

     -(void)addItem:(int)itemID {
    const char *sqlItems=sqlite3_mprintf("UPDATE itemAvailability SET availability=1\
                                     where itemID=%i",itemID);
     sqlite3_stmt *statement;
     int sqlResult = sqlite3_prepare_v2(database, sqlItems, -1, &statement, NULL);
     if ( sqlResult!= SQLITE_OK)
        //What I need to implement here? 
       [self dbConnectionError];

This method doesn't work. I never was writing before. Only reading into classObject. Please, help.

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Take a look at Objective-C wrapper for SQLite.

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sqlite3_prepare_v2 does not execute your query. You have to call sqlite3_step(statement) to do this.

It is explained in more details here: http://www.sqlite.org/cintro.html http://www.sqlite.org/c3ref/step.html

But... as jennifer suggested I would consider using Objective-C wrappers.

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