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I'm looking for any wiki software that deploys as a WAR with (preferably) an embedded DB; thus "zero config". Something that runs inside a simple web container like Tomcat or Jetty.

So far the closest thing I've been able to find is XWiki, but even that is not zero config and comes with a whole slew of instructions for setting up correctly.

I'm looking for a WAR I can just hot-deploy and then use by going to its web console. Does such an artifact exist?!?!

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I doubt it. An embedded, zero-config DB is fine if your data set is small. But a wiki should be expected to deal with at least a moderately large number of entries, so it would need a real DB, and that always requires some configuration. –  Mike Baranczak Jan 14 '12 at 16:27
Quick is over fast dirty remains a long long time. –  Namphibian Jan 19 at 9:24

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I has used vqwiki and was quite satisfied with it. I remember that the config overhead was very low. Not sure if it was zero, though.

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JAMWiki uses an internal database (HSQL) by default and is basically just a WAR file you can deploy in a few easy steps. Many versions ago (pre-1.0), I installed it on Tomcat 5.5 in a few minutes. JAMWiki uses basically the same wiki-markup that Wikipedia / MediaWiki uses.

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Confluence ships with an internal DB.

Not that you should use it. It can be running within minutes. IIRC there's a quick web-based init.

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Thanks for the suggestion Dave - I'll check it out. –  IAmYourFaja Jan 14 '12 at 16:26

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