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I use wordpress and I want to achieve that on every page I would see different title and description from my custom field:

1 page (the id is 1) tile, description

2 page (the id is 2) title, description


I've tried this piece of code with different variations (now it is only showing the id), but all i achieved is that it would just put all of the titles and descriptions on every page.

$titles = array();
$result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM wp_postmeta WHERE meta_key='_aioseop_title' OR meta_key='_aioseop_description'" );

while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result))
    $titles[] = $row['meta_value'];
    $ids[] = $row['post_id'];
if ($post_id = the_id()) 
    foreach ($titles as $meta_key=>$meta_value)
        print $post_id;
        print '<div class="white">' . $meta_value . '</div>';
        print '<div class="green">' . $meta_value . '</div>';

Any idea or link to tutorial or a hint would be highly helpful.

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where does $post_id come from? not a wp expert, but I guess you should stick that ID into your SQL somewhere. Right now your SQL retrieves too many articles – Nicolas78 Jan 14 '12 at 16:58
You see, post_id is the row in the database, which comes along with row meta_key and meta_value, the last one i'm trying to display. So in order to do so, i need to match post_id with the_id of the page i am currently in, to display only those meta_values, that come along with the post_id. Patrick de Vries method worked, it shows me the stuff i need, but i'm still waiting for an answer to display the $meta_data['aioseop_title']; cause I somehow can't do that. – user1125357 Jan 14 '12 at 19:28
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You must first only fetch the title and description of that specific post. That can be done by making sure the field post_id equals get_the_ID():

$result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM wp_postmeta WHERE (meta_key='_aioseop_title' OR meta_key='_aioseop_description') AND `post_id` = '".get_the_ID()."';");

Then you can read the results into variables;

while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)) {
  $meta_data[$row["meta_key"]] = $row["meta_value"];

Now $meta_data["_aioseop_title"] should contain the title, and $meta_data["_aioseop_description"] should contain the description.

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ok, makes ton of sense. so do i still write the foreach loop, or i just can use the $meta_data["_aioseop_title"] and $meta_data["_aioseop_description"] as variables and stick them in? <div class="white"><?php $meta_data["_aioseop_title"]; ?></div> – user1125357 Jan 14 '12 at 18:36
You still need the loop as this read all results from the query you've sent to the database. Without the loop, there would be no $meta_data["_aioseop_title"] or $meta_data["_aioseop_description"]. Edit: I also had an error inside the while statement which I've edited now. – Patrickdev Jan 14 '12 at 20:15
yes, when you edited your while statement i finally got a result in var_dump($meta_data) and it's exactly what we need - title and description of THAT page. i will try to write a proper loop now – user1125357 Jan 14 '12 at 20:24

Your query gets all post metadata - restrict it to post_id = the_id()

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can u please write all of the code? i'm kinda new in this thing – user1125357 Jan 14 '12 at 17:29

Ok with Patrickdev's help I managed to do it :) Though somehow, when i wrote foreach loop all it did is displayed the title and description twice (for each element in meta_data array), so when i deleted foreach and just used the elements from that array, it started working as it should :)

Here's the code if anyone needs it:


                                    $result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM wp_postmeta WHERE (meta_key='_aioseop_title' OR meta_key='_aioseop_description') AND `post_id` = '".get_the_ID()."' ORDER BY meta_id DESC;");

                                    while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)) 
                                            $meta_data[$row["meta_key"]] = $row["meta_value"];
                                            print '<div class="white">' . $meta_data["_aioseop_title"] . '</div>';
                                            print '<div class="green">' . $meta_data["_aioseop_description"] . '</div>';

Thanks again, Patrickdev.

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