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What is the system call table variable name in the AIX kernel?

I know it's called sys_call_table[] in the Linux kernel.

I am new to kernel programming. But I need to know in which variables in the kernel the system calls addresses are stored...

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AIX use svc_table_entry as a corresponding concept of sys_call_table[]'s entry:

struct svc_table_entry {
    int         (*svc)();       /*  Pointer to kernel function for */
                                /*  this system call.              */

The system loader would compute numbers of syscalls and build the "system call table" on kernel heap via xmalloc dynamically. As for the name of this table, I believe it's something like "svc" or "svc64", I don't quite recall.

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I haven't had to concern myself with the AIX kernel for a while, but it has its own way of doing things. Have you run across Writing AIX Kernel Extensions in you research? I believe some of your questions might be addressed there.

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