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I want to write a java tool to monitor some FIX log. The idea is using SSH to logon remote server, then getting the output of command "tail -f xxx" to my PC, rest is some log analysis work. When I tested with JSCH, whatever I read information from a bufferReader or directly from a InputStream, I found the output was delay, much slower than the result of running "tail -f xxx" in putty. Is there something missing in my codes? Or it is not a good way to continuously get log info with JSCH?

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I've found the cause, guys. I used "tail -f xxx | grep zzz", such command. Because 'grep' uses buffering, thus I got some output delay. I've moved the filtering on my local side, the testing result is much better.

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If your version supports it (GNU grep does), using grep --line-buffered can avoid this problem (at the cost of some extra CPU load). –  Andy Lynch Sep 17 '13 at 11:02

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