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I have a huge text file where records are identified by the string MSH.

I need to find the 200th record. I am hoping that there is a regular expression I can use in Notepad++ that would enable me to find the 200th occurrence of the string MSH.

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If your file is just an enormous one-liner delimited by the string "MSH" you could use this in a regular expression find.

But, make sure your cursor is at the beginning of the file or it'll just search for the next 200th record from where you started!



This should highlight the first 199 records, so the next unhighlighted record is the 200th.

OR, take it a bit further!
Again, in a regular expression find replace, again make sure your cursor is at the beginning of the file.





Should replace the entire contents of the window with just the 200th record.

N.B: This assumes that the string "MSH" is not part of any of the records in the file.

As a footnote, I strongly doubt any of this is quick over a large file. Scripting is almost certainly a better option. Or possibly even dropping it into Excel and using text-to-columns.

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