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CRF++ says it can:

"Can output marginal probabilities for all candidates" on its page:

But what's the notation of the formula that's used to find these probabilities, in conditional random fields?

Someone told me it's not simply p(a|b), because conditional random fields use context from adjacent observations.

What exactly are these marginal probabilities?

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The conditional probability is just p(y|x) where y is a sequence of labels and x is the associated observed sequence.

The expression for this probability is just the softmax function \exp( a_i ) / \sum_{i'} \exp ( a_{i'}).

For a CRF, a_i is a function of the label sequence a_i = w \cdot \phi(x,y), where \phi(x,y) is a feature vector derived from a sequence and its labels.

This means that the sum in the denominator is over the exponential number of possible labels, \mathcal{Y}:

\sum_{y' \in \mathcal{Y}} \exp ( w \cdot \phi(x,y) )
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