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I am trying to set up a communication link between my phone and computer. I want to be able to send instructions to my computer whilst on the move.

So far, I have thought about utilizing an old PC I have lying around. If I turn it into a webserver I could then send information to the server from my phone and periodically check the server from my desktop. Does this seem like a plausible idea?

One part I am failing to understand is how to setup the webserver to send/receive information. I believe I would need to handle HTTP GET and HTTP POST requests and implement some server side code. I literally have no idea how to do this and would love some direction, links to tutorials etc.


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I've done almost what you are trying to do, of course in telemetry and industrial automation context. how are you going to send info from your phone to the pc? what do you mean by phone? you mean a mobile phone? that can be done in several ways, a handy way would be to use SMS system, you can send messages from your cell phone to a SMS number which later can be accessed by a simple http application, this app can read messages periodically and would save them to a database (remote or local), and you can check your pc (perhaps through remote desktop) also the best way would be to use a web site, describe more details of your exact problem, in this way we can help you in a better way, there are other ways also, perhaps GPRS (which is in fact HTTP transport)

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Sorry I should have said I have an android mobile. I was thinking of sending information over 3g, but text message would be just as good if not better. –  Adam Smith Jan 14 '12 at 19:03
oh yes, I suppose 3g is something like GPRS, at least we can say it is a system for establishing internet connection, of course it supports better speed in comparison to GPRS, so you can freely use HTTP, you should make a tcpListener in your server, it can be a small windows app, you will need a static (valid) IP over your web server, this IP will be destination of information send from your mobile, you should create a small program for your mobile, it would send HTTP packets. also you can work with SMS, but 3g would be much better –  Ali_dotNet Jan 14 '12 at 19:09

perhaps it depends on actual usage and what you intend to do with the webserver.I nicer way would be to use webservices.

Regarding making your computer a webserver here is something

Good Luck

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What kind of information/instructions do you want to send? If you just want to log in to the server remotely and get a terminal, you can use ssh. You can get ssh clients for iPhone or Android and log in while you're on the go.

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I will basically want to send a string containing a few bits of information. I would then parse the string and interpret. SSH doesn't seem like a bad idea! –  Adam Smith Jan 14 '12 at 19:06

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