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I want to populate dropdownlist with values stored in a resource file. What's the best approach for this?

I can create a SelectList and push it in Model in which case dropdown would be populated automatically. But can I access resource file from a View ? If yes, should I?

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All resource strings get compiled into a class which you can reference in your views. Example:

<%= Resources.Strings.MyCustomString %>

I believe the following is automatically added to your web.config so you can drop the Resources..

    <add namespace="Resources">

However, this will not support localization. For that you'll want to use a helper method.

If you're trying to populate a list you'll need to create a helper class that can iterate through the Strings class and extract the appropriate values or encode your selections in a comma delimited list and parse/split that before feeding it to your dropdownlist's selectionlist.

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Using VS2012 and an MVC 4 project, I had to manually add that namespace to my Web.config file; after that, and making sure my resource file Access Modifier was set to public, it worked fine. – statikuz Feb 6 '13 at 23:24

I haven't tried this yet, but read somewhere that resources works the same way they worked in web forms.

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I tried including namespace in View and then accessing it using Resources but its not working.. – buntykawale May 20 '09 at 6:59

Use <%= Resources.Strings.MyCustomString %>. I don't understand what Todd mean by "it doesn't support localization", it's exactly what it does..

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