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I am using MATLAB Student Version R2011a. I am creating a GUI-table to compare data easier, but I end up in complicated abbreviations, because I don't know how to make multi-line column headings.

I create the table like this (minimal example):

myFigure = figure('Position', [100, 200, 400, 100]);

tableData = magic(3);

cnames = {'convPrice/y', 'rechEn', 'priceRechEn'};
     myTable = uitable('Parent', myFigure, ...
     'Data', tableData, ...
     'ColumnName', cnames, ...
     'Position',[10 10 380 80]);

I took a screenshot and I will upload it, when I reach reputation 10. Thank you for your answers.

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You can create multiline column headings using a vertical slash (|) to separate lines. For example:

cnames = {'conv|price', 'rech|en', 'price|rechEn'};
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Thats exactly what I was searching for. I was trying around with \n and similar versions. –  Lukas Jan 14 '12 at 20:10

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