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are there any solid tools (preferably command line tools for linux) for exporting mysql db into csv files? it needs to follow csv standards properly and handle all the newline character and other special characters properly. select * into table does not seem to be properly converting the data correctly.

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Try SQL Workbench/J.

It is Java based (therefor platform independent) and works on the commandline, in batch mode and as a GUI tool.

You have full control over the export format (including handling of special characters) using the WbExport command.

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You can use phpmyadmin. It has an Export feature that does that splendidly.

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There are different tools for it:

  1. phpMyAdmin
  2. MySQL Workbench
  3. Navicat for MySQL
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any commandline tools that runs on linux? – user121196 Jan 14 '12 at 20:02

I use the csv-export-tool directly on my webspace. csv-export-tool for mysql

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a web based tool is the csv-export-tool. exports csv, XML and html-tables with joins. look at i have paid for the Basic Version und it seems to be okay.

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