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I have an array of objects. These objects have a bunch of cost properties

var myArray = 
{"ID": "1"; "CostA": 200, "CostB": 3000, "CostC": 900},
{"ID": "1"; "CostA": 150, "CostB": 2500, "CostC": 800},
{"ID": "1"; "CostA": 210, "CostB": 4000, "CostC": 600}

Based on some user action, I'd like to pass a function like this,

function deteremineCosts(myArray, CostPassed)

CostPassed will be one of the cost properties in the object - CostA, CostB, or CostC.

Is there a way to get an object's value by doing something like myArray[0].CostPassed?

I realize I can also just do the following (and I'd rather not because the list of cost properties is huge) -

if (CostPassed = "CostC")
   var someCost = myArray[0].CostC;

I believe jQuery .each will be able to get a key and value from an object but I'm running into issue getting the property names (not just values) out of an array of objects.

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After awaring that


is equivalent to (if foo is a valid identifier)


You can simply use

var cost = myArray[0][CostPassed];
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Ahh of course duh, I totally forgot you could pass in a variable like that. –  firedrawndagger Jan 14 '12 at 20:04

you can use simple for loop to achieve this:

for(var name in obj){
   console.log(name); // this will output field name, not the value
   console.log(obj[name]); //this will output the value;
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