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I just created all new dev and deployment certs and I'm getting this weird error when I try to validate the application in the archive manager:

error: Codesign check fails : /var/folders/w_/dvqfkh916k12c5hn639qvvqw0000gn/T/oqhxIfU87c/Payload/ valid on disk /var/folders/w_/dvqfkh916k12c5hn639qvvqw0000gn/T/oqhxIfU87c/Payload/ satisfies its Designated Requirement test-requirement: code failed to satisfy specified code requirement(s)

I've looked all over to see how to fix this error but nothing seems to help for Xcode 4. I've followed the setup on the provisioning profile, however it doesn't seem to be updated for the newest Xcode 4 software (I've gotten this to work with previous versions of Xcode before archive manager was set in place)

Any help would be appreciated

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FIXED!!! Thanks to Ben's help (He posted a comment below) we are now up and going! I reinstalled ALL certs and now I'm rolling as normal. Thank you ben!!! Finally, this problem is fixed. – Parad0x13 Jan 17 '12 at 2:20
How did you manage to fix it? – Zaldy Mar 1 '12 at 4:32
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scoured this GUI looking for a "comment" but finding nothing - apologies if this gets posted as an answer.

I have spent the last 5 hours with that exact same error. Googling everything. Recreating certificates. Everything works when archiving, but then at the end I get the yellow triangle indicating the error. Using both wildcard and app specific distribution profiles that are recognized in Organizer as valid - I always get the error. You're not alone on this one and it is driving me insane - today was supposed to be the day we submit our app we've spent the last year on...

Will be watching this thread closely, can offer any further information from my end also if it will help any. If you find a solution Paradox, please post here as I am at my wits end and would be extremely grateful.

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Thanks, I appreciate your attention. I can't believe how difficult submitting apps would be! I've literally spent 7+ hours JUST on this submission problem. Please please please submit any info you have on this if you get it. Thanks! – Parad0x13 Jan 15 '12 at 7:24
Having the exact same problem... Spent 2+ hours on it now... Hope Apple will fix it quickly! I'll be watching this thread and provide an answer as soon as I found something.. – CyberK Jan 16 '12 at 9:57
For those that look at this historically or following this post for resolution: Apple took down their servers and fixed it. Solution = reinstall your certs once more and they should work fine now. It was just a problem on Apples end. – Ben Jan 17 '12 at 1:16

I was testing using an old certificate cerated while ago and it did worked fine, but creating a new certificate using a new apple dev account wont work.

It seems like new certificates are created with issues from apple provisioning portal.

So, I guess there is not a problem on your app, and we just have to wait until they fix the bug.

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I am having the same problem. Spent hours redoing certs, changing machines, changing versions of Xcode, making random changes that people have suggested, rebooting, changing icons you name it.

In Console there is a big dump of data related to the validation, if you're lucky it says something meaningful in there, it doesn't for me. Or at least nothing that I can understand :/

EDIT: The console outputs the command it runs but slightly butchered. It has a parameter R= but the output neglects the quotation marks around the argument. Running this command only outputs the just as helpful:

/var/folders/_x/XXXXXXXX/T/XXXXXXXX/Payload/ valid on disk
/var/folders/_x/XXXXXXXX/T/XXXXXXXX/Payload/ satisfies its Designated Requirement
test-requirement: code failed to satisfy specified code requirement(s)
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Turns out the problem I was having was that Apple had an error on their side and they were generating invalid certificates. They sent out an email explaining their fault and after that everything works again. Still... they REALLY need to work on better error messages for this tool. Someone has done a really shitty job. – boxed Mar 1 '12 at 9:57

Are you sure you signed this with your Distribution profile and not your Developer profile? I think XCode 4.2 will give an error if you're trying to share an archive code signed with the wrong type of profile.

Some (old) information in this thread:

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Yes, I've quite diligently made sure that I was using the correct profile – Parad0x13 Jan 14 '12 at 21:52

I am also having this problem!! It's driving me crazy. I post in the Apple Dev forums but no word yet.

It's driven me to the point that I've now just installed Xcode 4.3 beta to see if that fixes things and it doesn't but in the organiser it shows the certificate at the top as being valid and then again in another column called unknown that says its private key can't be found which seems a bit strange as I deleted and then recreated the public/private keys and re-generated all the certificates again so it can't be that!

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If you're building dependent projects or libraries as part of the archive process, make sure that those targets are also being built with the App Store distribution certificate.

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