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I currently have a Rails application which is configured with one MySQL database.

The problem is that database size grows very rapidly. Roughly ~3,500,000 records every 3 months and 1 GB in size.

Although, proper indexing is applied, the app seemed to be working as expected until recently where the queries to database started to timeout.

Am I really stretching the limits of MySQL here? Is there any Rails plugin I can use to allow my same code to work with multiple databases in the backed so that one DB server doesn't get burdened?

What would you do in such situation?

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you might try partitioning the database

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Partitioning mysql innodb is somewhat limiting, you cannot use foreign keys from the partitioned table, or refer to the partitioned table from other tables. –  Assaf Karmon Jan 15 '12 at 17:00

The size you are describing here is by no means too large for one mysql instance. A few million rows and a total size of a a few G's is not so bad. There is a lot a performance gains you can get by simply tuning your configurations. Are you using Innodb? If so take a hard look at your my.cnf file and pay close attention to you innodb_buffer_pool_size. Also, what is your access patten? multiple reads, few writes ? multiple writes a few reads? both ? You can add a caching layer like memcached. In case of multiple reads, you can add replication slaves. In short, there may be some runway for you before you have to shard you database.

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