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I m trying to display System icons for file extention of JEditorpane i m able to display but only last icon get displayed ?I want to append and display each icon on newline?

String fileList[] = {".pdf", ".txt", ".doc", ".exe"}
JLabel label;
FileSystemView fsv = FileSystemView.getFileSystemView();
icon = fsv.getSystemIcon(File.createTempFile("file.", "." + filetype[i]));
label = new JLabel(icon);
StyleContext context = new StyleContext();
StyledDocument document = new DefaultStyledDocument(context);
Style labelStyle = context.getStyle(StyleContext.DEFAULT_STYLE);
StyleConstants.setComponent(labelStyle, label);
try {
    document.insertString(document.getLength(), "\n", labelStyle);
} catch (BadLocationException badLocationException) {
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Your label style can only have a style for one icon at a time. The style is not saved at the time you do the addition of the style to the document.

If you want to use different icons then use:


In this case a unique icon is inserted into the document when the statement is executed.

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Thanks a lot it worked :) –  Dorjay Jan 15 '12 at 12:38
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        StyledDocument doc = jTextPane1.getStyledDocument();
            Style def =  StyleContext.getDefaultStyleContext().getStyle(StyleContext.DEFAULT_STYLE );
        Style regular = doc.addStyle( "regular", def );
        Icon icon ;
        FileSystemView fsv = FileSystemView.getFileSystemView();
        for(int i=0;i<3;i++ ){
        icon = fsv.getSystemIcon(File.createTempFile("myfile.",".pdf"));
        doc.insertString( doc.getLength(),"pdfBook"+i+"\n", regular );

  }catch(Exception excep){
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