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I need your help again. If I go to and run a simple query, let's say:

    "type":          "/time/month",
    "name":          [{}],
    "month_number":  null,
    "calendar_system": "Gregorian calendar",
    "sort":          "month_number"

The results are returned fine. Now, I want to make the same thing, but call this from an Android application. As I see it, the query is a JSON string so my guess is that I could use a library like GSON to handle calls and responses. Is there a more simple way ?

Thank you for your time.

LE: it seems that according to their wiki

Note: Our read APIs have moved into Google Code. We recommend that all developers switch over to these new APIs to make sure that they benefit from all the latest features and bug fixes. See the API Changes page for details.

I have searched around but couldn't manage to get an idea. Their website is awful in providing java samples. On Google api on googlecode I can't find something to guide to. Please help as I am stuck...

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There are two Java libraries for Freebase which may give you a slightly higher level of abstraction: (uses StringtreeJSON) (uses org.json.simple)

(From a good source of information on Freebase)

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Some of the libraries are not compatible anymore with the API but digging around the website you mentioned, found a good reference: – Alin Jan 24 '12 at 7:17

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