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I've created an array of elements called $images (all the elements in the hidden class.) Then when I try to apply any method to just one element in the array, I get a $images[1].attr is not a function error. However, when I try $images.attr('id') for example without specifying the index of the array, it works but gives me the result for the first element in the array only.

$images = $(".hidden");

What's going here and how can I apply methods to single elements in an array? By the way, I'm certain there are at least two elements in the array as I tested it for this.

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If you want still to have a jQuery object, rather than retrieving a native DOM element object, you need to use the eq function. This gets an element at a position in the array and returns it wrapped in the jQuery object, so you can do jQuery operations on it.



If you only want the DOM element, you can use the square bracket notation or the get method. You can then look up a DOM property directly:

$images[1].id;  // is the same as
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Use .eq, like so:

$images = $(".hidden");

Hope this helps!

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$images[1] does not return a jQuery object, it is returning a dom element.

you want $($images[1]).attr('id')

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The extra methods jQuery decorates the result array with are not present in the elements themselves. To get a specific element, you can use the eq selector or method:

$images = $(".hidden");


$image = $(".hidden:eq(1)");
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Yes, though it would be good to note that the selector is much the slower option. – lonesomeday Jan 14 '12 at 22:02

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