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I'm an android developer and I've been doing ROMs for a long time and I wanna get going with kernel development, I understand it's relating to linux kernel itself and got nothing to do with android.

Problem is I can't find any online resources to help me get going. So what I'm looking for is something a bit official, like the developer site for android,the java tutorials for java, the python tutorials........etc

Is there any thing like that? from maybe, but I can't find anything on their site. And what are the things I'm supposed to have a full understanding of? like programming languages (I know it's in C) or anything else?

Keep in mind that I'm only looking to learn driver configuration and compilation.

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Your best bet is following a good book like Linux Device Drivers 3, which is freely available as online document on LWN. There are tiny kernel modules skeleton which will help you get started very quickly.

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