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The original URL is:


For some sandbox flash security reason i need to create a proxy on my domain,

   location /latex_gen/ {
       proxy_pass    http://www.sitmo.com/gg/latex/latex2png.2.php?z=100&eq=;

Which now points to http://www.edoboard.com/latex_gen/%5Ccos%20%7Bx%7D%2B%5Csin%20%7Bx%7D%3DCV

If you look at this two urls they generate images, but in the second case the "+" are missing. Is that because of some sort of escaping?

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Yeah the edoboard version is eating the character some how. There are a few ways it could happen.

But more importantly, rather than using somebody elses server (if you are) why don't you host the latex2png yourself?!

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I tried hard installing MathTrans server with no success. I am open to any good ones which take care of security: latex poisoning etc ..Thanks –  coulix May 20 '09 at 7:39
Do you think hausheer.osola.com/latex2png can handle the charge as well as a daemonized tex server ? –  coulix May 20 '09 at 8:03

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