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I'm using MathJax for a Python/Google App Engine CRUD webapp. I'd like for people to create equations using Content MathML (so that the webapp can leverage the semantic information elsewhere).

I then want to use this Content-to-Presentation MML XSLT so that I can use MathJax on the resulting Presentation MathML.

Normally, I'd do something like this to provide the transformation service:

import lxml.etree as etree

class MathMLTranslator(object):
    def __init__(self):
        with open('ctop.xsl') as f:
            self.xslt = etree.XSLT(etree.XML(f.read()))

    def translate(self, xml_string):
            return self.xslt(etree.XML(xml_string))

But I can't do open('ctop.xsl') in Google App Engine, nor can I just paste the contents of ctop.xsl as a string literal in MathMLTranslator (it's too big and has quotes of both types).

How do I handle this?

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You could put the file on dropbox and use the dropbox API:


I'd suggest python-requests for this purpose:


I have not done this from google app engine, though I do have code running on heroku doing similar things.

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I'm not familiar with GAE, but if you can upload Python files of arbitrary size, you can just write ctop.xsl contents to .py file. e.g. ctop_data.py:

ctop_xsl = """<xsl:stylesheet

Then in code you can:

from ctop_data import ctop_xsl
self.xslt = etree.XSLT(etree.XML(ctop_xsl))
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You can open files that were uploaded as part of your app just fine on App Engine - you just have to make sure the path is relative to the app. For example, if ctop.xsl is in the same directory as your Python module, you can do this:

fh = open(os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), 'ctop.xsl')
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