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My winform application crashes as soon as its been launched. This problem is only happening in one of the client computer. Works fine for all other clients. I was thinking of using ADPlus to get a crash dump but problem is in order to configure ADPlus in crash mode, debugger need to be attached to running application first. That means application must be running when I configure ADPlus, however, as I said my application crashes as soon as I start it. It does not give me a chance to run ADPlus. Any idea if ADPlus can be used in this scenario? Are there any other tools that I can use generate a process dump in this case?

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Since you can't start the program and then attach a debugger in time, you can try one of the following ideas:

If and when the crash happens, the debugger will automatically break in and either create a dump automatically or let you create one manually.

If you can't run a debugger, not even ProcDump, you can use Windows' built-in crash dump facility to create a dump automatically:

  • On Windows XP and Windows Server 2003, set Dr. Watson as the postmortem debugger by running this command:

    drwtsn32 -i

    Here is info on what this command does and how to use Dr. Watson: Capturing Application Crash Dumps

  • On Windows Vista SP1, Windows Server 2008, and later, set Windows Error Reporting to save dumps locally by creating this registry key:

    HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Windows Error Reporting\LocalDumps

    You don't need to create or set any values or subkeys under this key. If you want to change settings, here is more info: Collecting User-Mode Dumps

    Note that "applications that do their own custom crash reporting, including .NET applications, are not supported by" WER. This is a problem for you because your app uses WinForms - although there is some indication that the feature does work with .NET 4 apps on Windows 7.

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You can use ProcDump from Sysinternals to capture a dump.

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