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I want to create a form similar to this one.

In particular, I want to learn how to put different sized input boxes on the same line with vertically aligned labels underneath. For instance, in the "Name" section of the form, it has a box for "first" and "last."

How can you do this with HTML and CSS?

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You sample form contains SPAN elements with display property set to inline-block, and the INPUT and LABEL elements each have a display property value of block, with a fixed size. That way, you are basically creating cells to contain your elements and their labels.

The same thing could be achieved using TABLE/TR/TD combination, though it would be a little old-fashioned, and thus not recommended.

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No problem. You're welcome. :) I hope you can come back and contribute to the community. – Milad Naseri Jan 16 '12 at 8:50

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