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Is it possible to use the page-object gem and capybara to automate Ruby on Rails testing? When I attempt to access a page object after starting up my test I receive the following error:

Unable to pick a platform for the provided browser (RuntimeError)

This makes sense as I think I'd have to pass the browser instance of capybara to the page-object, not sure if anyone else has tried this before.

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There is a gem that lets you use the Page Object pattern with capybara: SitePrism. Find it here:

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Currently there is no support for capybara but it has been requested a few times. Part of the challenge is that the API was built upon selenium and watir which are much richer than capy and in it would be a very large undertaking to build add that functionality to the page-object gem to make capy behave the same way.

I've thought several times about splitting the page-object gem into a "basic" form that will allow capybara to utilize and an "advanced" form that will add the additional capabilities found in selenium and watir but haven't seen enough demand.

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