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I have the following xaml code:

<dxb:BarButtonItem Name="btnPrev" Cursor="Hand" ItemClick="btnPrev_ItemClick">
<Image x:Name="imgSkipLeft" Source="/ProjectTool;component/images/arrowleft.png" Height="16" Width="16">
<TextBlock x:Name="txtBlockTip_Left"/>

How can I find txtBlockTip_Left and modify the text

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Rather that trying to find the TextBlock on the DataTemplate to change the text it would be better to set the text through a binding and then change the property that the Text property is bound to. The following resource has an example on how to use data binding within a DataTemplate:

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Using the VisualTreeHelperExtensions class and put a grid inside the data template and give it a name, in the example below the name is grdTemplate.

var bttn= btnPrev.ItemContainerGenerator.ContainerFromItem(btnPrev);
var dataTemplate = bttn.GetDescendantsOfType<Grid>().FirstOrDefault(g => g.Name == ("grdTemplate"));
var textBlocks= VisualTreeHelperExtensions.GetDescendantsOfType<TextBlock>(dataTemplate);
TextBlock txtBlockTip_left = textBlocks.ElementAt(0);
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