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Working with PHP DOM - HTML manipulation.

Got 2 questions

  1. Recently read that, there is better way to output special html characters (e.g. ©): DOMDocument::createEntityReference() method. Main advantage is, you don't need to use htmlentities, it will be automatically escaped. For ex: $copyright_symbol = $document->createEntityReference("copy");. Now, the problem is, where can I find characters' code reference? In my case I need php equalent of × (× symbol)
  2. What if I want to set muliple classes to element? Can I do it like that $el->setAttribute('class', 'class1 class2 ...') ??
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You can find a PHP array of all named HTML entities in this answer on Stackoverflow. Like the PHP manual says, use them without the starting & and ending ; for DOMDocument::createEntityReference(). –  hakre Jun 23 '13 at 22:33
At Stackoverflow, one question at a time, or eventually a question and a sub-question. setAttribute is not a subquestion of createEntityReference. PS: see this question and this answer about multiple classes. –  Peter Krauss Aug 13 at 10:01

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here you can see character codes as well as friendly names. For your &#215, you will use "times" and for the second question, yes, you can do it like that.

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One more q: Can I append multiple elements at once? –  Tural Aliyev Jan 15 '12 at 4:24
as far as I know, you will have to perform createElement and then appendChild and if you want to do it for multiple elements, you should do it in a loop...or you can append prepared html as described in this answer here: stackoverflow.com/questions/4751437/… –  Aleksandar Vucetic Jan 15 '12 at 4:29
thx very much. God bless you! –  Tural Aliyev Jan 15 '12 at 4:34
There are a possibility of express numeric entities with another DOMDocument method? –  Peter Krauss Aug 13 at 10:04

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