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I want to create two thumbnails (a small one and a medium one)

This is my code (using python2.7+django1.3):

import Image
def thumbnail(f,file_name,path):
    small = 35,35
    small_file_name = path+'/small_'+file_name
    medium = 310,235
    medium_file_name = path+'/medium_'+file_name

    small_im =

    medium_im =

I am getting this error:

IOError at /upload/
cannot identify image file

f is image FILES post from another page, f = request.FILES['photo']

Some errors in last three lines, I have to comment last three lines,it's not a error, but this is not what I want.

If I run the code in the python shell it doesn't raise errors:

>>> from users.upload import thumbnail
>>> import Image
>>> f = '/home/david/1.jpg'
>>> file_name = 'test.jpg'
>>> path = '/home/david'
>>> thumbnail(f,file_name,path)

I don't understand why I'm getting an error.

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Have you tried using an existing solution instead, e.g. Sorl thumbnails? Rolling your own in such cases is generally a bad idea. – Chris Morgan Jan 15 '12 at 7:30

You are having a problem because f = request.FILES['photo'] is not a file path, as you assume it is. Instead it is a Django UploadedFile. You should write this file to the disk somewhere before passing its path to PIL

You could also try passing the temporary_file_path.

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but i can upload image and create small thumbnail,it's a error when second time i comment last three lines it's not error. i am confused that create first thumbnail it's ok but second have error. – leiyonglin Jan 15 '12 at 7:54
Hmm, can you post your model? Are you using upload_to on your ImageField? – aganders3 Jan 15 '12 at 17:31

You can try doing this:

def thumbnail(f,file_name,path):
 img =
 small = 35,35
 small_file_name = path+'/small_'+file_name
 medium = 310,235
 medium_file_name = path+'/medium_'+file_name


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