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For some reason'click') doesn't seem to be working here. When the 'Yes' button is clicked in the model another model just pops up. What am I doing wrong?



  //If there are warnings on the page bind alert
  if ($('.renewal-warning').length > 0){

    (function (){

      $('#signRentalContainer').on('click', '.renewal-warning', function(e){

        var buttonHandle = this;

        //Prevent submission

        //Show warning model
          content: $('#renewalWarning').html(),
          title: "Order Renewal Warning",
          buttons: {
            'Yes': function(win) { $(buttonHandle).off('click').click(); },
            'No': function(win) { win.closeModal(); }
          maxWidth: 250,
          closeButton: false
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Pretty sure you're going to need to provide it the same element, as well as the same selector.

$('#signRentalContainer').off('click', '.renewal-warning');

In the .on() handler, this is the '.renewal-warning' element that was clicked, not the #signRentalContainer element.

If there are several of these '.renewal-warning' elements, and you only want to disable one at a time, the simplest way is to change its class so that it no longer matches the selector.

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Why isn't the handle working in this case though? I thought jQuery changed scope to match the event? – Steven Jan 15 '12 at 8:00
@Steven: Oh, is that why you're doing the .off()? I'm guessing the event is bubbling. Instead of off(), try adding e.stopPropagation() to the handler. – squint Jan 15 '12 at 8:02
...or maybe it's because of the .click() that you're doing on the element that was already clicked. Why is that there? Try removing it. – squint Jan 15 '12 at 8:03
I need the link to go through in the end though which is why the second .click() is there. Basically if the user clicks the link and clicks 'yes' in the popup I want the browser to be sent to where ever the link was destined. I would just grab the href from the link, however there is a case where a second event may be bound to that element and I still want that to be triggered. – Steven Jan 15 '12 at 8:11
@Steven: Then instead of click(), you should do window.location.href = this.href. – squint Jan 15 '12 at 8:14

Because the this refer to the context of the handle function, not the function itself.

Try making it a named function, then refer to it when you call off:

$("body").off("click", '#signRentalContainer', buttonHandle);

BTW, any reason we can't use unbind directly here?


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reason for not using unbind: Just trying to stick with the what the jQuery team recommends. "As of jQuery 1.7, the .on() and .off() methods are preferred to attach and remove event handlers on elements." Source – Steven Jan 15 '12 at 8:13
@Steven got it :) – satoru Jan 15 '12 at 8:52

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