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I am trying to create a Twitter bot with Ruby on Rails but I just dont find any useful information on this manner... Is it posible? I tried with the GEM twibot but it is deprecated it is not longer useful. Does Rails have a method for trigger events when (for example) a twit is posted? Anyone have worked with something like this? Any tutorial? Any information at all that is in current use, I mean that does work today with the Twitter API (Many of the stuff I googled does not work now)?

Thank you very much.

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rails per se does not have any support for twitter. it's just an mvc-web-framework. but there are a lot of ruby gems for twitter. my favorite is this but you can find a lot more here

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Twitter itself is running on Rails, and it has a REST API. You could easily write your own solution with ActiveResource

You can get started with the ActiveResource videos on Railscasts

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Thanks. Any other hint than use ActiveResource, I am asking cause I dont know where to start... – Mau Ruiz Jan 15 '12 at 8:35

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