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I have a presentation remote that I use with power point. Windows recognizes it as a presentation remote. I have an application that I'd like to control using the remote. What type of messages should I be looking for as I am not having any luck with mouse and keyboard messages. Does .NET have a way of dealing with these devices either specifically or generically?

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Did you happen to find an answer to your question? –  Tae-Sung Shin Mar 24 at 15:33
@Tae-SungShin Not yet. I just worked around it since Word and other applications seem to support it just fine. I was hoping it was a simulated key press but it doesn't seem to be. –  DustinDavis Mar 24 at 17:48
What kind of remote do you use? It seems that Targus remote does the simulated key press. –  Tae-Sung Shin Mar 24 at 20:48
@Tae-SungShin It's a Targus remote. Got it for a few bucks at Target. –  DustinDavis Mar 24 at 21:09

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