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I have the following setup of models:

   - has_many File (for userpics)

   - has_many File (for images)

   - has_one File (for background image)

Page object could share a File object with one or more Gallery objects for its background. And at some stage later a new model like

   - has_many File

or similar can appear in the App.

Note that i need a File model instead of just storing paths to the actual files because the File model can reference, in fact, several files in the filesystem

   - id
   - path
   - path_poster
   - path_m4v     (HTML5 videos need up to three files for compatibility)
   - path_webm
   - path_ogv
   - width
   - height
   - poster_width
   - poster_height
   - type
   - ... etc....

So, is there a simple way (without overwriting the whole ORM class) to implement relationships that would use a "generic" pivot table with the following fields:

model_name VARCHAR(8) (or model_type_id TINYINT for speed)
model_id INT
file_id INT
relation_name VARCHAR(8)  (e.g., Page model can have "background" and "logo" relation)
position INT

The reason: i want to have a universal App module for checking for "orphaned" files, and also be able to tell to what each file is attached, so, for example, when deleting a file from the Gallery the App would warn that the file is still attached to a Page as background.

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Short answer is no. The reason is because model_id would conflict with other model IDs. If you wanted, you could do a unique index on model_name+model_id, but to join those two columns would require that you rewrite the ORM methods to join models together via their relationships.

I would honestly stick with simple pivot tables.

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Thanx for your answer. I guess that's true — without rewriting the ORM classes it's not possible. –  Ernests Karlsons Mar 2 '12 at 7:21
I'd be curious to see if it's better to keep a bunch of pivot tables as currently implemented, or if it's faster to have a metadata-type pivot table. Initial thoughts would be it would be slower because you have multiple queries hitting the same table at the same time. –  Andrew Ellis Mar 2 '12 at 21:11
honestly, i think that depends. in a protected area of a CMS i wouldn't care so much about speed, and would use ORM for the sake of comfort, but in the public areas i'd use optimized queries anyway.. –  Ernests Karlsons Mar 5 '12 at 11:16

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